At GPMCT’s Annual Meeting July 12, members will vote on revised bylaws and a new slate of board members and officers, and say goodbye to several board members terming out. Click HERE for an agenda!

Departing board members include Ted Van Leer of Lexington, VA and Alamoosook Lake, Orland, who has now served a total of 12 (non-consecutive) years on the board; Nick Webster of NY, NY and Toddy Pond in Surry; and Paul Liebow of Bucksport. Secretary Barbara Malm of Blue Hill & Surry also stepped down this year. We have so appreciated their service!

The new board member slate includes Jackie Hewett of Dedham; Carl Derian of Bloomfield Hills, MI and Alamoosook Lake, Orland; Mike Bouthot of East Orland; Chris Johnson of Bucksport; and Maddy Glover of Bucksport. See their bios HERE.

The new officer slate is: Emily Hawkins, President & Asst. Treasurer; Sarah LeVine, VP; Mike Bouthot, Treasurer; Maddy Glover, Secretary.

Over this past winter, GPMCT undertook a thorough review of our bylaws with the help of Attorney Fred Stocking. The result is a document that’s changed quite a bit from the original version! Our goals are to have the by-laws reflect current practices of GPMCT, assure consistency with Maine Non-Profit Statutes, be consistent with our policies and practices and allow for greatest flexibility. Members will be asked to vote on the revised bylaws and articles of incorporation. Here are links to a Summary of Proposed Bylaw Revisions, to view and download the Revised GPMCT Bylaws, or a Bylaws redline version (showing original w/corrections). The Summary will also be included in our Summer newsletter. Our Articles of Incorporation will also be amended to update old membership info.