June 21, 2013. Steward Brian Keegstra gathered his first crew of volunteersIMG_4843 for dismantling the rotting wooden bridge over Hothole Stream – first of two bridges to be replaced this summer. Special thanks to Brian, Geo Atwood, Gene Behrenshauser, Dan Rhodes, and John Wedin for performing this difficult task.

IMG_4894The following day,  fresh hemlock,  milled and delivered to the Wildlands by Granville Lumber, was tractored to the site by Brian on his little Massey Ferguson tractor. The crew was joined by John’s dad, John Wedin Sr., also by Jerry Marancak, Leah Page, and Chris Sarah. Work began, and the bridge was pretty much completed by the end of the day.

July 12, 2012. Work was begun on the second bridge, this one over Cascade Brook.IMG_5046 Members of the original brigade were joined by Caroline Coe of Penobscot. Once again, demolition was completed on the first day, and new constructing was done in the hot summer heat of the days ahead. Special IMG_5097thanks to all involved, and deepest thanks to Brian who engineered these two little wonders of the Wildlands.

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