June 21, 2013.  Brian Keegstra and his crew dismantle the first of several aging bridges in the Wildlands. Helping Brian are Geo Atwood, Dan Rhodes, Gene Behrenshauser, and John Wedin.  Behind the camera and drawn into the fray on occasion is Hans Krichels.

Fresh hemlock beams and planking will be installed tomorrow. More bridges will be replaced in the days and weeks ahead. Pictures to follow.

June 22, 2013. Brian and his crew begin construction of a new bridge over Hothole Stream. The crew now includes Leah Page and her friend Chris Sarah. Also present for construction are Volunteers Jerry Marancak and John Wedin Senior. Photos by Hans Krichels,  Laurie Schreiber,  Geo Atwood.

Come one, come all. Plans call for the dismantling of Bridge #2 on Friday,  July 12.  New bridge construction will begin the following morning.