May 22, 2013. Bucksport High School Envirothon team, having outscored fifteen other teams in the Downeast Regional Competition the previous week, traveled to Bowdoin College in Brunswick to participate in the statewide Envirothon competition.

This yearly competition, according to Science Teacher and Envirothon Coach Denise Smith, “challenges kids on their knowledge of Wildlife, Forestry, Aquatics, Soils, and what’s called ‘a current issue’.EnvirothonPoster

“There’s always a current issue, and that’s new every year. This year they picked land use management and how it’s changed. They have to pick something local in their area. And they look at it, how has it changed, what developments have occurred, how is it benefiting both towns and the economy. And this year, they  picked the Wildlands. That was the first choice they came up with.”

Information was gathered from multiple sources including detailed interviews conducted by J.W. Harriman with Trust Steward Brian Keegstra. Results of the research were presented regionally and at the competition in Brunswick. The presentation included a detailed and colorful poster with the banner headline: WILDLANDS.

In the attached picture, team members grin proudly, happy with their fifth place finish in the statewide competition. L-R.J.W.Harriman, Lauren Kircheis, Danica Brassbridge, Cassie Claflin, Courtney Fish, Denise Smith.From left to right are: J.W. Harriman, Lauren Kircheis, Danica Brassbridge, Cassie Claflin, Courtney Fish, and BHS Science teacher Denise Smith.

Great Pond Mountain Trust member Geo Atwood, who drove the team to the competition, reported back:  “Today, I had the pleasure of driving the Bucksport H.S.  Envirothon team to the state competition at Bowdoin College.  They made a nice plug for the Trust.  ‘Nice bunch of kids and certainly a credit to the school and the trust.” AdviceCopy

As for Denise, she says she definitely plans on keeping her Envirothon kids involved in the Wildlands.

(Note. The Envirothon competition is run by the Maine Association of Conservation Districts. For more information, go here: )