March 27, 2013. Chris Wilcox of Sam’s Club in Bangor comes to KidsPeace New England in Ellsworth for the purpose of donating $1000.00 to the KidsGiveback Forestry Program.

Sam'sClubDonationBegun in 2007 by Hans Krichels, Coordinator of  KidsGiveBack, in collaboration with the Great Pond Mountain Trust, the Forestry Program has benefitted hundreds of KidsPeace kids over the years. Every Tuesday, rain, shine, sleet, or snow, the kids are there in the Wildlands, ditching roads, releasing crop trees, removing beaver dams, whatever needs doing that day.

In 2009, GPMCT gave it’s Volunteer of the Year Award to the kids of KidsPeace.

The Sam’s Club donation will be used to purchase new tools, books for a Forestry Library, two GPS devices, and materials for the ongoing Sawhorse Project. Many thanks to Chris Wicox and the good people at Sam’s Club.

For those not familiar, KidsPeace New England is a residential treatment center “giving help, hope, and healing to children in crisis.” Increasingly, KPNE serves kids dealing with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Click here for more pictures of KidsPeace kids in the Wildlands.