Wednesday, July 11, 2012. Steward Brian Keegstra meets Paul Liebow and Hans Krichels at what’s being called the Popple Grove Children’s Area for some serious head-scratching and preliminary work on the site. KidsPeace kids have already done considerable thinning and clearing around the boulders. They’ve also transported cedar timbers to the site and sifted piles of sand at the gravel pit.

On this particular day, Paul arrives with some preliminary drawings, earning the right to be feng shui master of the project. (See attached photo.) The Three Volunteers construct a step up to the favored sitting rock. They also lay out cedar logs and timbers for balance beams and sandbox borders.

For the uninitiated, the Popple Grove is on the right of Valley Road just one eighth of a mile in from the South Gate.  All ideas are welcome, and volunteers will be quickly put to work.

For more information, contact Brian Keegstra ([email protected]), Paul Liebow  ([email protected]), Hans Krichels ([email protected]), or Cheri Domina ([email protected]).