Visitors to the Dead River side of the Wildlands will notice some spectacular new views of Dead River and Alamoosook Lake this year. GPMCT received cost-share funds in 2011 from the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service’s WHIP (Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program) to create three openings of 6-7 acres each on the 875-acre Dead River side of the Wildlands. These openings will provide more habitat for species that use open meadows and young forest, from woodcock to warblers to white-tailed deer and moose. Berry production will increase as well! Some areas will be allowed to grow back in; others may be maintained as meadows. Dean Young Forestry of Franklin conducted the work under the supervision of our forester, Roger Greene. Much of the material removed was diseased beech; wood was chipped and used locally at Verso Paper’s Bucksport mill. Because of the wet December, some rutting and road damage occurred on Dead River Trail, but will be repaired as soon as conditions allow in spring, to prevent erosion. This project is one of several undertaken from 2011-13 that will also add birdhouses and wildlife brushpiles and open up snag trees (for cavity nesters) and mast (oak, cherry, apple) trees on the property. Questions or comments? Email [email protected] or call 207 469-7190.