The Campaign for Great Pond Mountain Conservation Trust

 We have reached (and exceeded) our $2.36 million goal.

Thank you for supporting GPMCT!

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Growing the Dream will support these major initiatives:

  • Complete the purchase of and build stewardship funds for a 355-acre addition to the Wildlands
  • Build stewardship funds to maintain the gift of the 25-acre Joost Family Preserve on Verona Island, which will be a place for public gatherings and recreation
  • Invest in Wildlands infrastructure, including equipment, trails, roads, and bridges
  • Secure additional funds for land acquisitions currently in negotiation

Campaign Goal: $2.36 Million

Land acquisition


Stewardship funds


Campaign costs


Help Grow the Dream

Every donation matters. Your support helps preserve 5,000 acres of mountains, woods, and water managed for wildlife habitat, sustainable forestry, and community trails.

On the form, simply indicate your gift is for the “Growing the Dream” capital campaign. Thank you!

Dead River West

“More than 30 years ago, GPMCT’s founder, my father, Stuart Gross, started working toward the creation of the Wildlands. Since then, thousands have enjoyed the fruits of his dream. Now, with the addition of this property of wetlands and gorgeous mature forest to the Wildlands, both sides of Dead River will be protected forever.” — David Gross, Honorary Campaign Co-Chair, Bucksport, ME


Dead River West Acquisition:

• Assures 355 acres of contiguous forest and wetlands will be protected from development

• Adds more than a mile of shoreline to the Wildlands

• Is supported by contributions to the campaign

The Joost Family Preserve 


“With a gift of this special property that’s been in my family for three generations, we honor my family and especially my father, Arthur Joost. We’re thrilled with the prospect of a new opportunity for local families to enjoy the land and shorefront.” — Sarah Joost Tomanelli, Bucksport, ME 



The Preserve will include:

• More than a half mile of protected saltwater shoreline and 25 acres on Verona Island

• Future public walking paths and areas for families to enjoy

• An oak and pine forest, two large meadows, and “the Point,” a prominent headland with views of the Eastern Channel of the Penobscot River 

Climate Resilience in the Wildlands 

“Climate resilience is the ability to anticipate, prepare for, and respond to hazardous events, trends, or disturbances related to climate. Improving climate resilience involves assessing how climate change will create new, or alter current, climate-related risks, and taking steps to better cope with these risks.” –- Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (


The Wildlands road network is similar to that of a small municipality. There are 150 culverts, 7 bridges, and 25 miles of roads. As we rebuild our infrastructure to be more resilient, we must: resize existing culverts or replace with bridges, build wider bridges, enlarge and maintain drainage ditches, protect roads and trails by using a lighter utility task vehicle (side-by-side ATV) to transport staff, volunteers, and equipment to remote sites for trail, habitat, and forestry work.

Growing the Dream Case Statement

Flip through the case statement below* to learn more about the campaign – and about GPMCT’s work to preserve the Wildlands: 5,000 acres of mountains, woods, and water managed for wildlife habitat, sustainable forestry, and community trails.
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