Grader#2November 14, 2013. Scott Vicnaire navigates his huge machine through the Wildlands. This is the final day of grading on Flag Hill and the Valley Road being done by Wardwell Contracting, a Division of Lane Construction.

Thanks to Bob Gomes, retired Supervisor at Lane Construction and current member of Great Pond Trust, Wardwell Construction has done this work pro bono on roughly four miles of roads in the Wildlands. This is “Phase One” of the work, according to John Wardwell.


Pictured here (left to right) are Dustin Bradford of Lane Construction, Bob Gomes, mastermind of this event, and John Wardwell himself. Up above, piloting the rig, is grader extraordinaire (according to Gomes) Scott Vicnaire.


Also according to Gomes, Lane Construction is no stranger to this kind of pro bono, community service work. Beneficiaries in recent years include CampJordan, FortKnox, and several Habitat for Humanity projects. Thanks to Bob, John, Dustin, and Scott for this much-needed work in the Wildlands.