August 4, 2013. Members of the Trust gathered at the new Trust Headquarters on the shores of the Penobscot River in Bucksport to share picnics, sample delicious desserts, and, yes, deal with official Trust business.

Trust President Sarah LeVine opened the proceedings with glowing praise and thanks to current Board and Staff. Board members Barbara Malm and Roger Wood were recommended for a second three-year term, and David Gross, Kelly Sawyer, and Courtney Weaver were introduced, nominated, and approved as new board members.

Cheri Domina then took the podium and presented the Volunteer of the Year Award to Sarah LeVine. Applause was unanimous and resounding.

Next came “Top Highlights” of 2012. Sarah Levine spoke about the organizationIMG_6902 in general; Forester Roger Greene discussed progress and plans for the forest; Steward Brian Keegstra talked about new bridges, brushpiles, and stewardship of the Wildlands;  Director Cheri Domina updated the assemblage on the backbreaking accreditation process; Emily Hawkins and Marcia Sly discussed  issues of  Finance, Development, and the To-the-Summit Campaign; Hans Krichels talked about social media, kids in the Wildlands, programs for the future; Colin Baker took the microphone to explain his family’s love of the Wildlands and their instrumental role in funding the initial purchase.


Finally, with the sun setting to the west, David Gross spoke movingly about his  father’s love of the valley and his family’s role in founding the Trust. At that point, champagne corks were popping, and David proposed a Twentieth Anniversary Toast to the Trust, its future, and all its members.

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