Scouts at the Esker TrailSaturday April 27, 2013. Assistant Scoutmaster Paul Corcoran brings nine Scouts from Troop 10 out of  Bangor to camp for the weekend at the Baker Brook Camping Area.  On Saturday, the Scouts work with Paul and  Steward Brian Keegstra to build two new rustic benches at the camping area. (Pictures available soon.)ScoutmasterTroop102-DaveBurgess

Sunday April 28, 2013. Boy Scouts (Troop #102) and Venture Crew (Troop #1102) from Bucksport and Orland converge on the Wildlands to learn trail maintenance skills and to scout out trails for adoption. Under the guidance of Scoutmaster Dave Burgess, Assistant Scoutmaster Mike Gross, Venture Crew leaders Dan Kircheis and Matt Brown, the kids are raring to go.  Scouting Board Member Richard Harriman and his wife Cheryl round out the expedition, while Wildlands Steward Brian Keegstra and Trails Expert Jennifer Riefler provide instruction and guidance. Cheri and Brian (right) Address Early Arrivals.

Hotdogs Afterwards.By the end of the day, the Venture Crew has “adopted” the Esker and Drumlin Paths, and Boy Scout Troop 102 has “adopted” the Oak Hill and East Ridge Path. These Scouts will provide regular seasonal care and maintenance and will manage these paths into the foreseeable future.