Camping in the Great Pond Mountain Wildlands

The Wildlands is open for camping year-round at two designated campsites, by reservation. Baker Brook is about a mile’s hike from North Gate, and is suitable for  groups, with a lean-to and 3-4 tent sites, plus a pit toilet and fire ring. Mitchville is about 1.5 miles from South Gate, and is ideal for a family or small group, with one tent site on Hothole Brook, a fire ring and pit toilet.  Sites are walk-in (though you can drive to within 0.3 miles of the Mitchville site on summer and fall weekends). Download a copy of the Registration Form. which you can mail or hand deliver to the GPMCT office.

Mitchville Campsite on Hothole Brook has a capacity of 6 people

Baker Brook Campsite – groups up to 15 people

Fee (a donation that helps offset our land management expenses):

GPMCT Members: $5/site/night for groups of 5 and under; $10/site/night for 6 or more people

Non-Members: $10/site/night for groups of 5 and under; $20/site/night for 6 -15

Additional Information:

  • Reservations are first-come, first-served. Preference to GPMCT members, volunteers.
  • Five-night limit on camping at any one site.
  • Campsites are hike-in only – vehicles must be left outside gates and gates will be locked.
  • Bring water for drinking and cooking; potable water is not available.
  • Campers are expected to follow Leave No Trace ethics – pack it in; pack it out!
  • Fires are allowed in fire rings only, conditions permitting. Cutting live trees or vegetation is prohibited. Bring in only local firewood (don’t transport pests!), or collect small, dead wood from the forest floor. Burn all wood and coals to ash. Put out fires completely.
  • Use pit toilets unless you pack waste out. Bring TP. No trash in toilets, please.
  • Dogs must be leashed at all times – porcupines, moose and bears are common!

Camping in the Wildlands is a remote camping experience – you are camping at your own risk! Be prepared in case of emergency; be aware that cell phone reception is spotty. The Wildlands is bear country! Take care with food and food scraps; hang food to be safe.

Payment and this signed letter of agreement is required in advance of camping trip. Groups part of a formal organization must provide proof of insurance. As camping has become more popular, we suggest making reservations at least a week ahead of date requested.

GPMCT reserves the right to refuse any request for camping that they deem unsafe or inappropriate for people or the resource.

Groups over 15 can make special camping arrangements. Please call for more information.


Questions? Call 469-6929 or e-mail [email protected] for more info.