About the Wildlands

Great Pond Mountain Conservation Trust acquired most of the 4,500-acre Great Pond Mountain Wildlands property in East Orland on June 30, 2005, adding 200 acres in 2012/13. 

The first Wildlands Campaign, completed in 2007, raised $2.86 million for purchase of the property and a Wildlands Stewardship Fund. Funding included a $346,000 grant from the Land for Maine’s Future Program.

Managed for wildlife habitat and low-impact recreation, the Wildlands is a place where you may see a moose while mountain biking, paddle along a pristine shore, or enjoy an amazing view from more than one mountain – all within minutes of Rte. 1.

Wildlands Natural Resource Inventory, 2006  by Alison Dibble and Catherine Rees. This is the first comprehensive look at the Wildlands natural resources. It is a foundational document in the acquisition and management of the Wildlands.

Wildlands Forest Management Plan – Dead River and Wildlands Forest Management Plan – Hothole are our 2017 forest management plans for the Great Pond Mountain Wildlands, in two parts, by Forester Roger Greene.

Wildlands Management Plan includes information on how GPMCT manages the Wildlands and why.

Pesticide Use in the Wildlands Why and how we use pesticides