2022 Annual Meeting Agenda & Info (map & directions below)

2022 Annual Meeting, 10 am, Joost Family Preserve, August 28, 2022


  1. Carl Derian: Welcome / Call Meeting to Order / Establish Quorum 
  2. Carl Derian: [motion, second, vote] Approve Minutes of August 14, 2021 Annual Meeting (sent to supporters ahead of time & posted on easel)
  3. Carl Derian: Capital Campaign highlights
  4. Jack MacBrayne:  2021-2022 Financial report
  5. Carl Derian:  Trust accomplishments for the year; recognition of Ted Van Leer
  6. Landon Fake: Program details
  7. Jennifer Riefler: Joost Family Preserve: history & vision 
  8. Carl Derian: Introduce Current Directors + Staff
    1. Board:
      1. Carol Bennatti
      2. Marcis Curtis
      3. Carl Derian 
      4. Emily Hawkins
      5. Sarah LeVine
      6. Jack MacBrayne
      7. Anna Perna
      8. Liam Riordan
      9. Kurt Silberstein
    2. Termed out/stepping down:
      1. Sarah LeVine
    3. Staff
      1. Addison Gruber, Phineas Peake, Landon Fake (see bios below)
  9. Carl Derian: [motion, second, vote] Elect Annual Slate of Officers
    1. Kurt Silberstein, Secretary
    2. Jack MacBrayne, Assistant Treasurer
    3. Emily Hawkins, Treasurer
    4. Jack MacBrayne, VP
    5. Carl Derian, President
  10. Carl Derian: [motion, second, vote] Elect Slate of Directors, term ending in 2025
    1. Susan Michaud-Smith 
    2. Hannah Johnson 
    3. Dan Kircheis
  11. Carl Derian: Commemoration of former Director  
  12. Landon Fake: Volunteer recognition, Volunteer of Year Award;
  13.  Landon Fake: Authors Roger Greene and Cathy Rees introduced
  14. Carl Derian: Adjourn [motion, second, vote]

Denise Michaud-Smith

  • Taught life science at Bucksport High School for 18 years. 
  • Spends a lot of time on Great Pond Mountain, hiking it year round and loves the views.
  • Before this she taught environmental education at the Marine Environmental Research Institute in Blue Hill, worked at the shellfish hatchery on Beals Island as an Americorps member, and taught environmental education in S.C.
  • Denise currently spends most of her weekends  in the White Mountains finishing hiking the 48 peaks over 4000 feet. 

Hannah Johnson

  • Grew up riding horses, raising poultry, putting food by, and cross-country skiing on a hobby farm in northern Minnesota. 
  • After graduating from Macalester College with a major in Psychology and minors in Biology and German, she played a lot of ultimate frisbee, worked on a lobster boat, worked on a salmon fishing operation in Bristol Bay, nannied kiddos, became an amateur birder, pressed a lot of flowers, did some cross-country bike touring and became a physical therapist. 
  • She and her partner [acting steward, Phineas Peake] just bought a house in North Orland and are excited to become involved in the local community, including the Great Pond Mountain Conservation Trust.

Dan Kircheis

  • Has been involved with GPMCT for about 15 years
  • Trail work volunteer in the past
  • Worked with Boy Scouts for many years in Orland
  • Excited about mountain biking and uses existing trail often
  • Moving to Carmel this week to live on his 200 acres of managed woodland
  • Excited about new land acquisitions (Dead River, etc.)
  • Visits Wildlands often during the entire year
  • Fisheries Biologist. Formerly employed at the Craig Brook fish hatchery

Local Authors:

Roger Greene, The Empirical Forest

Cathy Rees, Winterland


Map and Directions

150 East Side Drive, Verona Island. Turn off US Route 1 in Verona onto East Side Drive. Go 2 miles. Narrow drive and sign on left.

2021 Annual Meeting Minutes

11am – 12 pm, Saturday, August 14, 2021, rain or shine

1. Chris Johnson: Welcome to all. Meeting called to order at 11:10 a.m. Established a quorum.
2. Chris Johnson: Motion to approve minutes of August 15, 2020 Annual Meeting (sent to
supporters ahead of time & posted on easel). Moved by Sarah, 2nd by Alvion Kimball, approved
by majority vote. Chris gave kudos to the finance committee.
3. Emily Hawkins & Landon Fake: 2020-2021 Finance report by Emily, copies available, Emily moved
to approve the treasurer’s report for 2021, 2nd by Bonnie MacBrayne, no discussion, passed by
majority vote.
4. Landon Fake: opens his remarks by acknowledging the Native People’s long history in the area.
Reports that the infrastructure costs have gone up dramatically due to increased usage as a
result of the pandemic, new trails have been built i.e. the new Hillside Trail, pit toilets, and more.
We have a new conservation committee headed by Jennifer and Carol. The committee has been
doing mapping to view the needs for conservation. We are fortunate that there is not much
invasive plant activity on trust lands. We have added lots of signs on posts, user plaques, 50 blue
trail markers. Nick and Alice have added new interpretive signs. 1 acre was developed for new
parking lots. Many new acquisitions have added significant acreage and beauty to trust lands.The
Bella parcel is 360 acres on the west shore of the Dead River. The purchase funds were put up by
a foundation to be paid back in 3 years. This acquisition has not been made public yet, awaiting a
coordinated press release at the right time. We have launched a capital campaign to repay the
loan. The trust will be closing on an additional 200 acres at the end of the year. In addition the
trust is in the process of accepting a donation of 25 acres on Verona Island. The adventure race
was the only event held in 2020 due to the pandemic. 200 people participated, making it a
significant fundraiser. Roger then discussed the ongoing forest management. 1300 acres have
been thinned to date. 90 acres have been thinned this year. The effects of high stumping of
diseased beech trees are being evaluated. We are completing an application for tree farmer of
the year in Hancock county. David Gross asked if the Bella property is open for exploration, Chris
answered yes.
5. Chris Johnson: Introduced Current Directors + Staff
a. Board:
i. Carl Derian
ii. Emily Hawkins
iii. Sarah LeVine
iv. John MacBrayne
v. Robert Mercer
vi. John Wedin
vii. Kurt Silberstein
viii. Carol Bennatti
b. Termed out/stepping down:

i. John Barlow
ii. Diane O’Connell
iii. Jacqueline Hewett
iv. Christopher Johnson
c. Staff
i. John Nugent, Liz Leuthner, Malcolm Richardson, Landon Fake (see below). Kudos
were showered on our hardworking and resourceful staff members.

6. Chris Johnson: introduced our annual slate of officers
a. Kurt Silberstein, Secretary
b. Jack MacBrayne, Assistant Treasurer
c. Emily Hawkins, Treasurer
d. Jack MacBrayne, VP
e. Carl Derian, President
Sarah moved to elect the slate of officers, Alvion 2nd, approved by a majority vote.

7. Carl Derian: introduced the slate of interim directors, term ending in 2023
a. Carol Bennatti, Interim
b. Leah Page, Interim
c. Marcis Curtis, Interim
Chris moved to accept the new interim directors, Emily second, approved by majority
8. Carl Derian: [motion, second, vote] Elect Slate of Interim Directors, term ending in 2024
a. Anna Purna, Interim
b. Liam Riordan, Interim
c. Josh Firmin, Interim
d. John Wedin, 2nd term
e. Bob Mercer, 2nd term
Chris moved to accept, Emily 2nd, approved by majority. There is an onboarding
program in the works for new board members as well as sitting board members who are interested
9. Carl Derian: Commemoration of former Directors (notes below) plaques given out
10. Landon Fake: Volunteer of Year Award was presented to Dave Doherty for his hard and generous
work on behalf of the trust. There will be a tour of the Joost property, led by Landon, after the
meeting is adjourned.
Carol will be leading a full moon hike in the Wildlands on September 21st. If you are interested,
meet at the south gate at 7 p.m.
11. Carl Derian: Chris moved to adjourn the 2021 annual meeting, Emily 2nd. Meeting adjourned at
12 noon.