Jed Talbot of OBP Trailworks started construction this week on the Hillside multi-use trail that will create a loop with the Valley Road, wide enough for snowmobiles and horses (but open to hiking and biking as well). Gene Bass dug, screened and trucked 300 yards of our own gravel to the north end of the trail for the project. Please avoid the Hillside trail.
October Trailwork
We moved the kiosk up the hill at the Mountain Trailhead and cut a bunch of trees to get sunlight into the area and make it visible from the parking lot. No, we were not too lazy to bend down to cut the trees off at the ground. They are all diseased beech, and “high-stumping” is a method we’ve been experimenting with that helps prevent them from root or stump-sprouting. Although it’s ugly now, in a year we should be able to cut them all the way down.
October Roadwork
The enterprising beavers on the Mead Mountain Road managed to build a dam under the bridge and raise the water level almost 5 feet. We did a little engineering work of our own with the help of Gene Bass and his backhoe and installed this “beaver deciever” to drain water past any dams they build. Sometimes they work.